Featuring Leia’s DLB™ technology.

Lume Pad

Amplify your business.

Built for creators and businesses, this beautifully designed product is quite simply the most powerful, portable, and immersive experience imaginable. With a 10.8 inch LitByLeia® display, the Lume Pad allows you to run your everyday apps, and also leverage the benefits of Lightfield to enhance select content.

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Transform your device.

With the LeiaModule, OEMs and ODMs can seamlessly transform and differentiate their mobile products by integrating Leia’s DLB™ technology into their devices, creating an unparalleled immersive experience.

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Bring your brand to life.

Bring your brand to life with an entirely new look and feel. LeiaGlo empowers brands with the ability to light up transparent surfaces with mesmerizing holographic content. From logos to interfaces, the LeiaGlo delivers designs that captivate your customers and bring your brand to new heights.

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