Our content creation, distribution, and management platform.


Unleash the magic of Lightfields.

Digital experiences blend into reality on LeiaLoft®, our app store dedicated to Lightfield content. Explore the store filled with interactive apps, content and games that enable a whole new world of fun, creativity and imagination.

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Developer Portal

Build and manage stunning digital experiences.

An open, inspiring space built for innovation and ideas, this is where creativity thrives. Featuring a comprehensive set of tools and resources, our Developer Portal enables you to create, share, and manage engaging Lightfield experiences for your business.

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Share the beauty behind the moments you capture.

A space for breathtaking photos. Share, capture, and discover photos as vibrant as the life you live with Holopix™, the world's first Lightfield social app.

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Content Services

Create bespoke Lightfield content for your business.

Our content services will remove the guessing game and quickly get you set up to produce stunning Lightfield experiences for your business. Consult our experts on how to best leverage our software platform, and automate the creation of Lightfield content from regular pictures or videos. Let us optimize your content for you or even offer digital storage, streaming and other back-end services.

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